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Every great flight school must have a great club, Líjar Sur is proud to own one of the largest active clubs in Andalucia.

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Become a bird and enjoy a two-seater paragliding flight piloted by an expert. You do not need to have any experience. You will enjoy something unforgettable

Our School

We began our journey in 1995 and since then we have invested time and work in creating a professional school dedicated to making many people's dreams come true, "FLY"

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Arend to fly with professionals and do not throw your wings. School endorsed by the Andalusian and National Federation, enrolled in the Junta de Andalucía as an Active Tourism company


Tourist Flights

The moment you get a chance to prove something. You can be as predictable as 99.9% of mortals or be part of that exclusive 0.1 that is able to surprise you with a special and original gift. Give an experience that escapes any possible definition.

We invite you to Fly!

In Líjar Sur we offer paragliding and paramotor courses at all levels and throughout the year in some of the best flying areas in Europe.

Could I learn to fly??


The courses are done in a progressive way, so you can do them at your own pace and are suitable for everyone; No matter the age or the physical condition, we adapt to the needs of each person. Courses with paramotor or trike, you choose. Do not think about it any more and ... Come and try it! Not sure if you will like it? Call us without obligation!
We will resolve any doubts and advise you so that you can start.

Why Should You Go to a Professional School?


The Schools must have monitors with Official Degrees of Sports Technician, according to the current Sports Law. To be registered in the Andalusian Federation of Aerial Sports or in the Royal Spanish Federation of Aeronautics.
In Líjar Sur, we have dedicated a lot of effort to comply with all these requirements in order to offer a quality service.

What equipment would you need?


You just have to bring your boots ... the rest we put. The material we use is state-of-the-art, modern flight equipment, overhauled and in perfect condition. We have paramotors of the prestigious brand PAP. We use a trike two-seater for the first flights with your instructor and the school trike is equipped with all the necessary elements to guarantee the safety of the student.