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Professionals of "FLIGHT"

In Líjar Sur we are professionals of the "FLIGHT", we started our journey more than 20 years ago when a group of friends decided to undertake a new adventure and wanted to make our "FLY" dream come true. Líjar Sur is a school dedicated to paragliding and paramotor since 1995, more than 1,000 students endorse our experience and professionalism. Our company was created by Francisco Sánchez, instructor of parapente and paramotor. Today, Líjar Sur S.L. Center of Flight and Sports of Adventure, is an Active Tourism Company registered by the Junta de Andalucía, recognized by the Andalusian Federation of Air Sports (FEADA) and by the Spanish Air Federation (FAE).

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Our team

We have extensive experience in the field of flight with paramotors and other types of flight.

Paco Sánchez




Company Engine

Ramón Morillas

Profesional Pilot

World Champion and Recordman

Raúl Rodríguez

Acro Pilot

Inventor of the SAT maneuver

Alejandro Asencio


Licensed boat captain